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Flashes & Floaters

The Truth About Flashes and Floaters

Both flashes and floaters are strange to experience. Not only are they strange, they also present a bit of a conundrum. On some occasions, they are a perfectly normal eye phenomena, and in other circumstances, they may be an indication of a problem. If you notice any changes in your flashes or floaters be sure let your optometrists know.


Your retinas are extremely sensitive, which gives you great vision. Typically, your retinas respond to light, sending an impulse to the brain via the optic nerve. Your brain takes this impulse and translates it into an image which we “see”.

Sometimes, a physical movement can trigger your retinas. Rubbing your eyes too hard, banging your head on something, or even a sudden increase in velocity. As we get older, the gel-like vitreous in our eyes shrinks, sometimes tugging on the retina, creating a flash of light.

When You Should be Concerned About Flashes

Flashes are highly irregular and usually occur with probable cause. Should you experience a succession of flashes it might be an indication that something is not right. If they come in waves with a shower of floaters you could be experiencing a retinal tear or detachment and should seek medical attention immediately.


Floaters appear as strings, clumps, or even doughnuts floating through your field of vision. These are actually tiny, visible fibers that come from the vitreous. Interestingly, you can’t see the fibers themselves, instead, you’re seeing the shadows they cast on your retinas.

When You Should be Concerned About Floaters

Floaters, on occasion, are an ordinary eye behaviour. However, if you suddenly experience many new floaters or a shower of them, it may be an indication of a problem. If this shower is accompanied by flashes you could be experiencing a retinal tear or detachment. See your optometrist as soon as possible.

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