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Laser Eye Surgery Consultation

Trusted Laser Eye Consultations in Saskatoon

Every morning do you wake up and reach for your glasses? Or you go through your morning routine in a literal blur? Imagine opening up your eyes to crystal clear vision every day. Refractive eye surgery can change your life.

Take your first step with a laser eye surgery consultation at Pinehouse Eyecare.

A Consultation at Pinehouse Eyecare

Before we decide what is the best surgical option for your eyes, we must first know all about their health and vision. We do a thorough eye exam to better understand the shape and thickness of your corneas and discuss your visual needs. This way we know the best options for you.

After your eye exam, we discuss the actual surgical procedure. That way, you’ll know the risks, process, and healing time. We answer any questions you have about the short and long-term implications of undergoing corrective eye surgery. Plus, we walk you through the pre and postoperative care that goes with your choice of surgery.

Only when you feel confident with your decision is the consultation finished.

We Refer You to the Best Ophthalmologists in Saskatoon

The safety of your eyes is very important to us. We will only refer you to the most trusted ophthalmologists in the city. After your surgery, we check in to ensure the healing process is going smoothly. It may only take a few weeks for your eyes to feel better, but it may be up to 6 months for clear acuity to stabilize.

Types of Refractive Eye Surgery

There are a number of effective laser eye surgery procedures available that are safe and successful. Based on your eye exam and your lifestyle, we will help you choose the most appropriate surgery for you.

Photorefractive Keratectomy (PRK)

In this procedure, a surgeon removes the outer layer of the cornea, also known as the epithelium. The tissue that lies beneath is reshaped with a laser to create a more accurate focal point within your eye. During the healing process, your epithelium regrows within a few days.

This surgery was the first laser eye surgery to be performed and is still the surgery of choice for those with thin corneas. It takes between 10 and 15 minutes per eye, with a week or two in between. The healing period takes about 4 to 6 weeks.

The successor to PRK, LASIK is now extremely common in North America. The surgeon creates a flap out of your corneal tissue to rework the tissue below. The flap is then replaced to heal over the altered tissue.

Because the cornea does not need to regrow the epithelium, the healing time of LASIK is much quicker. This procedure also only takes about 15 minutes per eye. With LASIK, it only takes a few days before you can return to work.

RLE, or Refractive Lens Exchange is often the best option for those with myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, and presbyopia, as well as some lens disorders such as cataracts. In this surgery method, the natural lens is removed using ultrasound technology. The replacement lens is inserted folded through a tiny incision. The new lens then unfolds into place. This variation only takes about 15 minutes per eye and has a shorter healing process.

ReLEx SMILE is the newest innovation in corrective surgery, but currently is only available for myopia patients. This surgery is done through a smaller incision than in other refractive surgeries, making it much less invasive. There is no reason to create a flap of your cornea, meaning your eye stays intact through the entire procedure. Your cornea remains stable from beginning to end with a shorter recovery period.

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Come visit us! Our practice is located on the corner of Pinehouse and Primrose, near Lawson Heights Mall and the Lawson Civic Centre.

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